Change in Online Password Reset Functionality:
Now you can reset your password online through Security Questions & One Time Password.(For more information please contact your Relationship Manger/Branch.
1. Reset and Activate your passwords online through security questions:Users will be prompted to choose their security question from 14th February 2017 on their login
2. Security Questions will get set through an one time password received on your registered mobile number or e- mail Id.
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2. Do not enter login or other sensitive information in any pop up window.
3. You have verified the security certificate by clicking on the padlock icon of your internet browser.For more details 'Click Here'
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Spoof Email Alert If you receive an e-mail claiming to be from ICICI Bank asking for account information and/or password, please let us know immediately by forwarding the e-mail to or by visiting any of our branches and together we can try to reduce fraud. If you receive any link in the e-mail content, please do not go to the link. Please log in through website only.
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